Prime PLC is transforming how health care is delivered. With no insurance hassles or meddling busy work, our time is focused on you.


Direct care – tailored to you

We are focused on you. Year after year, when you are well and when your health fails you, we will truly get to know each other. If you need a specialist, we’ll be here to guide you. To run interference. To explain the confusion. To speak up for your goals, your choices.  

This kind of care takes a precious resource – time. Time to listen, time to explain, time to understand. Time to work together. Time most doctors don’t have. 

Time for a trusted relationship

How can we do that? How can we spend more time? Simple. We are changing the business of care.
We are a Direct Primary Care practice. That means we simply charge a monthly membership fee.  No, we are not “going concierge.” We won’t send you a long Explanation of Benefits after every visit, demand deductible payments & copays. Just one monthly membership fee. 


This new model works for everyone, but is an especially good fit for:

  • Busy professionals and small business owners, families with active schedules.
  • Patients whose healthcare plans have moved to higher deductibles.
  • Patients with complex conditions that require frequent visits and more time talking with your Doctor.
  • Patients interested in wellness and preventative care.


Membership at Prime PLC includes an annual physical and up to five additional visits per year. If you need to come more than six times a year, you simply pay the member price of $30 per visit. No copay, no complicated insurance bills. And you can be seen the same day you call. 

  • Same day visits.
  • Longer visits – 30 minutes for office visits and an hour for annual exams.
  • The option of emailing your doctor for non-urgent questions.
  • On-call access for urgent issues after hours.

If your insurance changes, it won’t matter to us. 
We will still be here. To care. For you. Year after year. Direct Primary Care for Life.